Fragments of history


Rumburk Museum

Visitors immerse themselves in the past for a taste of life in a different era, accompanied by local personalities for a unique perspective.

The Fragments of history exhibit on the first floor of the Rumburk Museum sweeps visitors from the present day into a world of captivating stories, where they can share the ups and downs of the Stradal family and step into their renowned salon for a look at a rare heirloom related to composer Ferenc (Franz) Liszt. They will learn about the region from the innkeeper at Tolstejn castle and see archaeological finds.

The works of Krasna Lipa painter August Frind, incorporated throughout the exhibition, open a window onto the hardscrabble life in the “Bohemian Netherlands.” The paintings alone are reason to return again and again. Each piece is a unique original hiding a true story. It is not for nothing that Frind is known as the “Master of Composition.” He faithfully and accurately portrays reality in all its detail. All one has to do is look.

Come find your way to the future by connecting the dots in the past.